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vSphere ESXi 6 on KVM/oVirt

  1. additional packages for oVirt:
    vdsm-hook-macspoof, vdsm-hook-nestedvt

  2. kernel module parameters:
    kvm-intel nested=1 ept=1
    kvm ignore_msrs=1

  3. when creating ESXi VM in oVirt:
    custom properties: macspoof=true
    disk type: ide
    nic type: e1000
    and you could add default VirtIO NIC in VM creation dialog, and then go to VM properties and change NIC type from VirtIO to e1000

  4. After ESXi installation, add to /etc/vmware/config:
    hv.assumeEnabled = "TRUE"
    vmx.allowNested = "TRUE"


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